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Pros and Cons of Combination Boilers
As Always there are good and bad points in almost everything we do and thinking about installing a Combination Boiler is a big commitment and change to the way your existing heating and hotwater system probably works
 All new boilers now have to be Condensing Boilers, except in exceptional circumstances where it is impossible to fit one and an exemption certificate has to be raised, which basically means that 95% of all boilers have electronic circuitry, sensors and fans which unfortunately adds to repair costs across the different types of boilers both combination and system.
Several factors can remain the same for both system boilers and combination boilers.
1)     May have to have gas pipe uprated
2)     Should have magnetite filters fitted
3)     Have condensate drains added
1)     Removal of hot water tanks allows more storage space
2)     Removal of storage tanks which converts water to mains drinkable water from all cold taps.
3)     Removal of header tank which prevents ingress of oxygen thus reducing the cause of sludge in a system.
4)     Hot water is supply on demand thus reducing unessessary cost of heating stored water.
5)     More energy efficient and genrally cheaper to run
6)     Air locks in hot supply are eliminated because water is now mains pressure
7)     Water temp can be adjusted when filling a bath so that only the hot tap is run thus reducing the heating cost and also the water cost if property is on a meter.
8)     Possibility of putting radiators in high/ attic rooms above the height of the header tank which would now be removed.
9)     Provides a good shower pressure
1)     Requires a good mains pressure ( achievable in 97% of dwellings)
2)     Inability to have an immersion heater back up should the boiler fail . ( if possible  an electric shower should be fitted)
3)     Inability to have a pumped shower ( however the hot and cold systems are now under mains pressure so the pressure should be good anyway)
Note: We do however recommend that you conduct your own research where possible and obtain as  many individual opinions as you can but we will always be here to HELP.
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